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Moore Photography provide a comprehensive range of commercial photographic services, specialising in product and still life illustrative photography and also people photos such as corporate portraits or where a person is required to demonstrate or accompany the product. For your brochures, catalogues, advertising, packaging design and eCommerce website. We are able to provide you with unrivalled quality and service. And Espresso Coffee on tap.

What I do:
Commercial Product Photography in studio. - Post production, levels, colour, unsharp mask, clipping paths. - Retouching to repair damaged packaging or digital alterations. - I do not do domestic photography i.e. weddings, family portraits, passports, pets etc.

The Studio:
I have my own studio located in Forrest Hill, Auckland, New Zealand. With easy access to the motorway. Size is 5 x 3.5m and a 2.8m stud. Suitable for large product and table top photography and volume product photography.

Digital Photography:
The studio is equipped with top of the line Canon equipment. Capture size is 50megapixel or larger than A2 at 300dpi, including instant transfer to Desktop for instant preview and approval. Portfolio click here

Is instant, because we upload your images to our FTP site or DropBox, you no longer need to wait for a CD to be delivered by courier. Images can even be downloaded to overseas.

Related Services:

Post Production:
Levels, colour, unsharp mask, clipping paths.

Image Retouching:
Images can be retouched, if you want damaged packaging repaired, a colour changed, a pimple removed or the floor you are standing on changed, images can be cleaned up or altered.

Traditional photographic prints from digital files in all the familiar sizes

Archive storage:
We maintain our own dual hard drive storage process for later retrieval. HOWEVER, THIS SERVICE IS NOT GUARANTEED. I advise you to undertake your own archival process once the images have been delivered.

Website images:
Because of my past experience building many websites, intimate knowledge of the internet and automated processes, I'm able to scale images to the desired dimensions in pixel resolution and optimise to the smallest file size ready for instant use on your website.

Digital camera copies of flat originals.

Technical Specifications:

Size 5 x 3.5mtrs with 2.8mtr stud, internet, handy to kitchen, espresso coffee.

Digital Format: File size:
Primary: 50megapixel capture. Images 143megabyte RGB .TIF, 74x50cm at 300dpi full frame, larger than A2 not quite A1.
Secondary: 61megabyte RGB .TIF, 47x31cm at 300dpi full frame, greater than A3.
Final image size is unlimited due to printing resolution and viewing distance.

FTP or DropBox delivery over the internet via .ZIP format, also on CD, DVD, for PC or Mac, your own flash drive.

Film Format:
These formats have all been discontinued; Film / 35mm, medium format and 4x5inch format.